Build your own marketplace

Reach buyers anywhere, anytime

Maximise price and drive demand

Live Auction Technology

Live Auction Technology

Our Live Auction Technology maximises price and drives demand wherever your buyers are.

Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding

Our platform allows buyers and sellers to conduct real-time transactions around the globe.

Configurable Revenue Model

Configurable Revenue Model

Build the revenue model that suits your business and industry.

The Gem Rock Auctions marketplace has more than doubled in size and volume over the last twelve months, both in numbers of buyers and sellers on the marketplace but also in auction revenue.

3.1 million



Buyers & Sellers

20 million

Revenue Flow

How it works

Step 1

Define your market

What's your market?

Successful marketplace operators often move from a traditional marketplace to a digital one realising huge productivity gains.

Define your market
Build your revenue model

Step 2

Configure your revenue model

How will sellers pay for your service?

Marketplace operators can configure the revenue options to suit the needs and expectations of sellers and buyers in the market.

Step 3

Add products and sellers

Bring in products and sellers to get your marketplace started.

Add options such as Live Auction to generate excitement and drive interest.

Add products and sellers
Launch your marketplace

Step 4

Launch your marketplace

Time to go live.

We offer ongoing support for marketing, PPC, SEO and social media to help you succeed.

Featured Case Study

Taking the Australian opal
to 220 countries around the world

Twelve years ago if you told the patrons in the Lightning Ridge pub that you were going to sell 300,000 of their precious gemstones on the internet to buyers on far ends of the plane you would have been laughed out of town.

But that is just what Wayne Sedawie did.

Opal Auctions Case Study

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