Marketplaces are everywhere

It might be makers selling their creations on Etsy or Tindie, property owners renting out their properties on Airbnb, or service providers pooling their resources together on Uber or Fiverr.

In all these cases, marketplaces are offering convenience, saving costs and delivering quality. This new economy is more personal and sustainable and we're part of the infrastructure that powers it.

Building marketplaces for 14 years

We built our first online marketplace in 2005 and we've gone through our share of trial and error, launching a number of successful sites. Our product is built for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry innovators who are passionate about their idea.

Customisable configurable platform

Our software is a fully-customisable component-based auction marketplace platform that can be configured to meet the revenue model and specific requirements of your industry or market.

Choice and convenience for buyers

Buyers use online marketplaces because they offer real convenience to consumers allowing buyers to compare availability, prices and stock levels from different sellers in an open and transparent environment.

More sales and higher prices for sellers

For a seller, a marketplace provides the opportunity for them to reach a much larger market without the contingent costs associated with digital marketing to a global audience. Our live auction technology engages with a larger set of buyers creating a sense of urgency and leading to increased sales volumes and higher prices.

Meet the founders

Wayne Sedawie, CEO

Wayne Sedawie


Steve Thomas, CTO

Steve Thomas